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Last year Tsarina was with the film crew in St. Petersburg for the film festival 'White nights' with a Zeeland film in which she played the role of a Dutch girl. Tsarina subtitled this film into Russian. The film has won the Public Award of the Russian Film Festival in St. Petersburg.  Official trailer.

The film 'Just Divorced or how to Rob the Mafia' has been selected for the KAPOW film festival in North Hollywood. As one of the participants, Tsarina is now officially a Hollywood actress. Just Divorced is a 23-minute festival film, Russian subtitled by Tsarina Natalia. The full Russian version with actors from Zeeland can be seen here with one click: Watch Film for Russia

Last summer, she played another role in the next film by the same director, 'Four Days in a Lifetime'.  Now Tsarina plays a police officer in the new film 'Restaurant la Vérité'. The new eight-minute Dutch version of Four Days in a Lifetime.  Movie Four Days in a Lifetime on Vimeo & on Youtube (in English). Movie Just Divorced or how to Rob the Maffia.

Scene 'Russian practices' from the new movie Restaurant 'La Vérité' where Tsarina plays a policewoman.

In the new Renz Vos Film Dead at home 2020, Tsarina plays the lead role. This is a Crime Investigation after the death of a Russian woman.

The story is also available as a Dutch-language e-book 'Dood Thuis' in Zeeland online at De Drvkkerij >> or here for Kobo Readers >>.

Film: Stolen Painting (2023). Watch the 'making of'.


    Tsarina Vertaalservice en Taallessen, Restaurant La Verite

Tsarina Vertaalservice en Taallessen, Just divorced or How to rob the mafia  Tsarina Vertaalservice en Taallessen, Restaurant La Verite

A new programme by Tsarina: Dreams of New Dutch. See the trailer below:

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