Dutch Translations

We can translate your text to Dutch from any language for very attractive rates.

If necessary, we can also arrange for an apostille at the district court.

In accordance with the Sworn Interpreters and Translators Act that came into force on 1 January 2009, a sworn translation may only be issued by a translator who is listed in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators.

We are registered with the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators and are sworn by the District Court of Middelburg (and Breda).


Translations from and into Dutch

Sworn translations: diploma, list of marks, extract from the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA), birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, documents for Long-stay visa (MVV), letter of recommendation, driver's license, statement, auditor's report, medical certificate, doctor's certificate, attestation, declaration, affidavit;

·         Notarial translations: deed of incorporation, articles of association, deed of delivery, power of attorney, mortgage deed, prenuptial agreement, partnership agreement, testament or will etc., also as sworn translation;

·         Translations of business documents: agreement, extract from the Chamber of Commerce, offer, license, permit, also as a sworn translation;

·         Technical translations: manual, a technical guide, tutorial, tender, product information, technical data sheet;

·         Judicial translations: decision, fact-finding, court order, court’s ruling, order of the Court of First Instance, judgment of the District Court, judicial settlement of (Higher) Regional Court of justice, sentence, covenant, court documents, also as a sworn translation;

·         Commercial texts: brochure, presentation, website texts


·         As an extra service I can provide an apostille stamp on my signature.


·         As a sworn interpreter: at the notary's office during the execution of notarial deeds

As an interpreter during negotiations

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