Here you can find the most recent reviews about Tsarina, given by customers.


"Tsarina is active, businesslike, and goal-oriented..." 9.0

Tsarina worked with Florad on two film productions. Also on Russian subtitles and a short presentation in St. Petersburg that she gave herself. She taught actors the basics of the Russian language. Tsarina also played a role herself and will act again in future films. (Ben)


"Enthusiastic, driven, fun, inspirational & authentic...." 10.0

Tsarina provides an easy-to-learn structure for her students. She is the epitome of professionalism and her beautiful nature, provides a safe place for her students and clients to grow and develop, whilst gaining the skill of speaking another language. Tsarina's attention to detail is second to none. (Colette )


"Grandiose, very phenomenal and outstanding teacher..." 10.0

Grandiose Russian teacher. Very calm and knowledgeable, a great person in all respects. In her own house, you immediately learn the habits and customs of Russian life. (Monique)


Russian Course / Курсы русского языка

Three years ago, I bought a Russian course from the LOI via Marktplaats. I started the self-study course and took live lessons once a week from Tsarina in Vlissingen. She guided me very well and was an incentive for me to persevere.

Her help was necessary, because the Russian language is not so difficult because of the Cyrillic alphabet, but because of the pronunciation and the grammar.

I am now 80 years old and for 3 years I studied for an hour almost every day and finished the course with the help of Tsarina. At the moment, I am rehearsing and continuing to study grammar.

My memory, sense of language and concentration have improved.

Russian is a beautiful language and I am looking forward to going to Saint Petersburg to use what I have learned.



Dutch Course / Cursus Nederlands / Dutch Course / Corso di olandese / Cours de Néerlandais / Курсы голландского языка

Enthusiastic, caring and patient Dutch teacher

Tsarina is an enthusiastic and caring teacher, her lessons are fun and she makes everything easier to understand. I had some requests and she gladly helped me with them. She is always ready to help you with anything and with any question, which I found very nice. I will recommend her to friends and whoever needs guidance with the Dutch language.

Was it easier or harder than you expected it would be? Dutch is a difficult language, but Tsarina makes it easy, so it's fine.
What surprises you? Dutch verbs, pronunciation, and sentence structure.
What have you learned? Pronounce, alphabet, new vocabulary, songs.
Are you satisfied with your progress? Yes!
What would you like to know more about? Verb, especially the past tense, and sentence structure.
What did you think of the lessons in general? The lessons made me more motivated about learning the language and I hope to be back when I’ll have more stability. The lessons are fun, and complete and Tsarina is a great teacher.
Would you like to do a follow-up course? Yes, I would love that, but we live in difficult times, unfortunately.

Sara, Rome, Italy

Russian Online Course / Курсы русского языка он-лайн

“Always interesting and with a sense of humor”

Usually I am a bit nervous about the connection with zoom. But it works . Because we work in Zoom there is a real possibility for concentration. Of course a visit to the teacher herself delivers more unexpected experiences.


Russian Course / Курсы русского языка

I have had a Russian daughter-in-law for three years now. She lives with my son in Spain and speaks Spanish and English there. We communicate mainly in English.

When I saw the book 'Russian for dummies' in a bookshop last year, I took it home because I wanted to know more about the language. In the booklet, they talk about the Cyrillic script but the lessons are written in our Western letters. That works well for pronunciation and learning is quite fast.

Nevertheless, I decided to look for a teacher and that is how I ended up at Tsarina. I am now 10 private lessons later, doing about 1 lesson every three weeks. Very soon I bought a Russian textbook plus dictionary and learned to read and write in Russian.

I found it a very difficult language, especially because of all the cases, the many exceptions and the use of o, a, ts, tsj, ie and oe sounds. Yet, already before my 10th lesson, I neatly wrote my CV in Russian and could tell about my work and hobbies in Russian.

Actually I'm quite proud of that, although of course there were some mistakes. My lesson book is far from finished so I will take up the challenge to further explore this beautiful language, of course with the support of Tsarina and firmly encouraged by my son and daughter-in-law.


English course / Cursus Engels /  Курсы английского языка

Thank you very much for your English lessons. I needed somebody to help me to start with improving my English. I got many useful information and practical exercises from you. The first steps are always difficult. However, if you have been professionally guided, it makes your study more pleasant.

The method and way you teach/give a lesson is very good. I have been motivated by your strong professional skills to go forward and to improve my English. I believe that very soon I will speak English very well! 


Dutch Course / Cursus Nederlands / Corso di olandese / Курсы голландского языка

My Dutch Lessons at Tsarina Translations were focused, relative, flowing and fun.  Lessons were something to look forward to, as they were tailor-made for my needs in the Dutch language.  Tsarina picked up quickly on my strengths and the areas where I needed to be guided with extra attention.

1. My challenge when it comes to learning Dutch is remembering vocabulary. Plus word order in sentences.
2. My desire when it comes to learning Dutch is to be understood and to understand (universal language actually).
3. What is needed from you as a teacher, would be simplicity - making all things relative to personal life/lifestyle/interests and work objectives.


Russian course  / Cursus Russisch / Курсы русского языка

Russian language course at Tsarina; 2017 winter and spring

First three lessons: I was really looking forward to it. A lot of ready knowledge had been lost by engaging in rather random self-study (i.e. reading articles about Russia / books / travelling / trying to read Chekhov in Russian, singing karaoke a lot for pronunciation, etc.) .

The solid foundation of the first course of the school in Antwerp had been totally undermined. But the study of the Russian language still (?) attracted me. And so I signed up. In the course of the ten lessons, my interest and pleasure in the language returned.

So casually I became more enthusiastic about the beautiful language again, and my understanding began to develop. Others noticed this too. My compliments on that for Tsarina!

Initially I was very surprised about the businesslike approach of the lesson ....... Now I am very happy about it. It works well and is enlightening. Over the course of ten lessons, a form of the lesson has more or less crystallized.

-          A bit of writing yourself; gaining insight into grammar.

Still rather random, but very useful.

-          Reading Chekhov I poems; I like that very much.

Now also; reading a piece of Chekhov and retelling it through a written piece. By reading literature I take a kind of steps .... but on ice floes in a river. So, sometimes the floes float in all directions and I fall into the cold water; brrr.

-          Perhaps it's an idea to set aside a small part of the hour for a bit of conversation. For example about clothes , to be sick, art, family and literature.

-          Of course, I can also write a piece about the following subjects:

1.    Venice Biennale (The Russian Pavilion the 2012 exhibition)

2.    My relationship with Hungary

3.    Trip through Russia Kaliningrad and the other Baltic countries etc.


Dutch Course / Cursus Nederlands / Cours de Néerlandais / Курсы голландского языка

My name is Olivier MIRO

Mon nom est Olivier MIRO


I am French.

Je suis Français


I am working for the Dutch company Boskalis on a Wind Farm Project for 9 months.

Je travaille pour la société Hollandaise Boskalis pour une durée de 9 mois, sur un projet de construction d'éoliennes.


I am working on different locations in France (Fos-sur-mer), Belgium (Antwerpen) and Netherlands (Vlissingen).

Je travaille sur différents sites, en France (Fos-sur-mer), en Belgique (Anvers) et aux Pays-bas (Vlissingen).


To be more integrated and to permit myself to evolve in my company, I wanted to start learning Dutch.

Afin de m'intégrer et de pouvoir évoluer au sein de ma société, je souhaitais commencer à apprendre le néerlandais.


By a lucky chance I met Tsarina and she offered me the opportunity to take Dutch lessons with her.

Par chance, j'ai rencontré Tsarina et elle m'a proposé l'opportunité de prendre des cours de néerlandais.


For several weeks now I am learning the Dutch language by following the course on a regular basis.

Depuis plusieurs semaines maintenant, j'apprends le néerlandais en suivant des cours réguliers.


I am speaking German, but never heard and tried to speak Dutch before.

Je parle allemand, mais je n'avais jamais entendu parler néerlandais, ni jamais essayé de le parler.


So, it was difficult for me to understand some words during professional discussions I was participating in.

Ainsi m'était-t-il difficile de comprendre une partie des mots, durant les discussions professionnelles auxquelles je participais.


I was really surprised that after a few lessons only I could start to have a good understanding of the words spoken!

J'ai été réellement surpris qu'après seulement quelques leçons, je puisse commencer à avoir une bonne compréhension des mots exprimés verbalement.


I think that the method of Tsarina, mixing courses from books with practical terms and expressions is the good way to learn more easily and faster.

Je pense que la méthode de Tsarina, mélangeant les leçons contenues dans les livres avec des termes pratiques et expressions usités, permet de comprendre plus facilement et plus rapidement.


This method is efficient too, because Tsarina is always taking care about the topics you are interested in.

Cette méthode est aussi efficace, parce que Tsarina est toujours très attentive aux sujets qui peuvent vous intéresser.


In this way, the information received from her is better and faster integrated.

Ainsi, les informations reçues d'elle sont mieux et plus rapidement intégrées.


I want to thank Tsarina for that and hope to reach a higher Dutch level.

Je veux remercier Tsarina pour cela, et espère atteindre un bon niveau en néerlandais.



Dutch Course / Cursus Nederlands / Курсы голландского языка

I started Dutch lessons with Tsarina in November 2015. At that time I had only been in the Netherlands for a few months.

В ноябре 2015 года я начала занятия с Наталией, и на тот момент я жила в Нидерландах всего несколько месяцев.


At that time my level was minimal. When I started this course I had many questions about the things I couldn't understand in books.

Когда я начала этот курс, уровень моего голландского языка был минимальным, и у меня было много вопросов о том, что я сама не могла понять из книг.


That's why I needed a teacher who could explain new things in my language (Russian). 

Поэтому я решила начать занимать с учителем, который смог бы объяснить всё новое для меня на моём родном языке.


In addition, I wanted to take NT2 exam in order to master the Dutch language at a high level and to be able to study HBO in the future.

Также в будущем я хотела сдать экзамен NT2, чтобы владеть высоким уровнем языка и получить высшее образование в этой стране.


We started with basic grammar and general knowledge that I needed every day to communicate with other people.

Мы начали с базовой грамматики и общих знаний языка, которые мне были нужны в общении в повседневной жизни.


We chose to study at home with a book and then go through everything with my teacher during class.

Мы решили, что мне бы подошло, чтобы я проходила книгу для уровня, который мне был нужен для экзамена, дома, а на занятиях мы вместе проверяли домашнее задание и всё ли я усвоила из пройденного материала.


I ask a lot of questions about the exercises in the book and also about situations and expressions that I experience every day.

Каждый урок мы разбираем вопросы, которые у меня появляются в заданиях, а также в ситуациях и выражениях в повседневной жизни.


The lessons are intensive but always very interesting and engaging.

Уроки проходят интенсивно, а также очень интересно и увлекательно.


I also often get extra information from my teacher which is useful for me.

Также я регулярно получаю полезные дополнительные задания, которые очень помогают.


We study at a pace that suits me and I like that very much. Especially since I don't have much time to take lessons.

Мы занимаемся в темпе, который мне подходит, и мне это очень нравится, особенно учитывая что у меня не всегда достаточно времени для занятий.


This year I think I will be ready to take the NT2 exam. When I'm done with this course I would like to follow a HBO education and I will always try to improve my Dutch.

После того, как я закончу этот курс, я хочу получить высшее образование, а также продолжать уровень голландского языка.


I am glad that I chose Tsarina as my teacher. We feel good about each other, she is professional and always very nice and helpful.

Я очень рада, что выбрала Наталию в качестве учителя голландского языка, т.к. она - профессионал в своём деле, а также очень приятный человек.




Russian course, Eva 

1. What was easier or more difficult than you expected?

More difficult, but this was mainly the grammar. Everything was well explained and the structure of the lessons was also nice.

2. Are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes, the language is clearly explained and I definitely feel that I have laid a good foundation to work from.

3. What would you like to know more about?

Maybe some more history about the country if the curriculum allows it.

4. What did you think about the Russian course in general?

I thought it was a nice, pleasant course. The atmosphere was nice and cozy.

5. Would you like to take a follow-up course from October?

I would definitely like that!

Russian course, Thea

1. What was easier or more difficult than you expected?

The alphabet was easier and the grammar and talking were more difficult.

2. Are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes, at first I couldn't read and speak anything. Now I can read and understand and speak a little.

3. What would you like to learn more about?

More grammar and learning to speak and practice translating and understanding real texts about the history, the country, the culture etc.

4. What did you think of the Russian course in general?

Very much fun, but also a lot of work and intensive. Tsarina, you teach very nice, very involved. I really enjoyed it! Thank you very much! I found it a nice, pleasant course. The atmosphere was nice and cozy.

5. Would you like to take a follow-up course from October?

Yes, I would like to

Russian course, Hanna


1. What was easier or more difficult than you expected?

Reading the language was easy, but understanding, applying and remembering all the cases was more difficult.

2. Are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes, even more if I had more time to practice.

3. What would you like to know more about?

Russian opera!

4. What did you think of the Russian course in general?

Very entertaining and informative

5. Would you like to take a follow-up course from October?

If possible in combination with my follow-up study, but unfortunately that is not possible. Maybe I'll come along with my mother, but thanks in any case!

Russian course, Robert

1. What was easier or harder than you expected?


2. Are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes, I am.

3. What would you like to know more about?

I do not know.

4. What did you think about the Russian course in general?

Nice and interesting.

5. Would you like to take a follow-up course from October?

I probably will.

Russian course, Peter

1. What was easier or more difficult than you expected?

Understanding spoken Russian (high tempo).

2. Are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes, I am.

3. What would you like to know more about?

Speaking yourself, conversing.

4. What did you think about the Russian course in general?

Pleasant and instructive, nice group.

5. Would you like to follow a follow-up course from October?

I don't know yet, but I will probably do it if there are enough participants.

Russian course, Angelika


1. What was easier or more difficult than you expected?

More difficult, much more study/homework than I was told.

2. Are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes, it's slow but I learned a lot of words and small sentences.

3. What would you like to know more about?

Would like to converse more because pronunciation is very difficult.

4. What did you think about the Russian course in general?

You learn a lot in a small group. Fun, a lot of laughs and a lot of information about Russia.

5. Would you like to take a follow-up course from October?

Yes, I would.

Russian course, Kees

1. What was easier or more difficult than you expected?

Yes, more difficult, took more time than I expected. If I had studied more beforehand, I would have known that Russian was difficult.

2. Are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes, there was more in it than I got out of it.

3. Where would you like to know more?


4. What did you think about the Russian course in general?

Good, learned a lot. Grammar part is not important for me, takes too much time.

5. Would you like to take a follow-up course from October?

Maybe, depends if there is more grammar in it. I prefer more vocabulary.

Russian course, Gary

How do you know Tsarina? As a customer, client and/or user

Describe Tsarina in 4-5 words: Professional, personal and creative.

What grade would you give? 10

Would you like to work with us again? 10

Tell us about your experience with Tsarina: I know Tsarina as a Russian teacher, where she achieves good results quickly in a fun way.

Cursus Russisch Online, Gary

Russian course Online, anonym

How do you know Tsarina? Hired as a freelancer or interim professional

Describe Tsarina in 4-5 words: Enthusiastic, patient, friendly, persistent, energetic

What grade would you give? 8

Would you like to work with me again? 8

Tell us about your experience with Tsarina: Tsarina is my Russian teacher. She teaches patiently, keeps her appointments, is clear and precise. At the same time, she is enthusiastic, apart from the material she teaches, she has a lot of fun telling us about Russia and life in Russia. That is how we get to know the language, the country and the culture. She makes up short videos, so, that course members can also learn the language in this way. I think she is a busy bee, always looking to improve and make things fun for herself and those around her.


REVIEWS. Here you can find the most recent reviews about Tsarina, given by customers.

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