Free serie 'Dreams of the new Dutch'

'Dreams of the new Dutch: 10 best-kept-secrets to adapt to a new culture, language, job and people’.

Especially for you I have prepared a free series of interviews. In the videos 12 foreigners, we call them New Dutch, will share their secrets of living abroad.  These interviews give you the unique opportunity to learn from other people who have preceded you on this path.

 You will discover:

  • What is their vision for the future
  • Is it possible to learn a language quickly
  • How to learn a new language quickly
  • How to find the right teacher
  • How to integrate and feel home in the Netherlands
  • How to find new friends
  • What are the topics that the Dutch like to speak about
  • How to discover your inner strength in the Netherlands
  • What is your biggest challenge
  • How to reveal your growth potential in a foreign country

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Last modified: Sunday, 20 February 2022, 10:35 PM